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Things I like: Musicals and Books


Kentaur’s costume designs for Tanz der Vampire

If you look closely, one of the Ewigkeit costumes is of Sissi. Yay for musical crossovers.

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In honor of this comic getting 10 000 views (!!!) in my dART gallery, I present you a slightly remastered version of Prof. Javert’s lesson on stalking.

I’m not happy with some of the art anymore, but got to admit, I do still like the joke…

Oh my goodness, this is brilliant, why haven’t I seen this before ?

(Source: starlene.deviantart.com)

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Whoever invented algebra has a lot to answer for.

Them and the person who made German adjectives have to change form for case, gender and the preceding article.

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Was there reality TV in 1832? If so, Marius would watch it without shame.

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LeakyNews’ LeakyCon Swag Giveaway!

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My Apartment
This is my home. I believe in surrounding yourself with things you love.

My question to you: Have we read any of the same books? If you can name several I’ll follow you. Extra points if you can recognize some of the more obscure titles.

tralalalally said: What a lovely home! (And I’m so happy to see the Betsy-Tacy books on your shelf!)

Thanks! I love Betsy-Tacy, everyone should read them. And I see that my mom still needs to return a couple of them. I appear to be missing two of them (another one of them is on the coffee table and not on the shelf with its sisters).

Since I’m already following you, I can’t give you that prize — I’ve got to come up with another prize! LOL!

I absolutely love your apartment. You have exquisite taste - I’m so impressed. As for the books, I’ve read HP and Les Miserables (in translation, in my own language), but I suppose there must be some Jane Austen novels hidden somewhere, although I cannot make out any of the titles.

Thank you so much! It’s been a work in process for awhile. There are a couple things I still need to do (*cough* there’s a reason why there are no photos of the kitchen and bathroom *cough*). 

As for the books, you know me so well. You have such good psychic powers you know what books I own without actually seeing them. LOL!

The Jane Austen books are by my bed. In the photo above they are behind some books from the library on the top-right shelf. Here I moved the library books. See (although I do own more Heyer than this):


And The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet and the LBD tie-in P&P are by my alarm clock.

The Gaskell is on the bottom shelf.


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Alex Sheathes or Julian Fineman?


me? hmm. I’ll think first :)) Can I just have both?

I am Team Julian.

I could never really get into Alex, he’s too flat, too impersonal, too perfect on the surface. He isn’t human, or at least he isn’t written that way. His only flaw seems to be his tendency to lie to Lena and keep secrets. People have flaws, people are messy. And the only time I felt anything for Alex was the very brief moment when he tells Lena he’d been watching her run and I got a sense of Alex’s loneliness, but even that wasn’t directly stated. It’s yet another example of how Alex never truly allows Lena to really see his inner world.

Why are they together anyway? It seems to be just another example of insta-love:

“Hi I’m the heroine. Are you the hero?”
“OK, great! Let’s kiss now.”

Why? Oh, why?!

Through the whole of Delirium we learn almost nothing about his personal life. Instead he purposefully keeps her at a distance by avoiding her questions and moving into instructor mode. He’s always teaching her things, using this as a way to avoid talking about personal issues. He never shares his soul. Furthermore, in the early portion of their relationship he demands everything of her while he does not have to sacrifice much at all (it’s the only at the end of the first book that he has to make a real sacrifice for her — and it is a big one). Alex has almost no character development in Delirium — there’s nothing that forces him to change. He’s pretty much the same person at the end of the book as he was at the beginning. Even his heroics at the end of Delirium fit with his earlier character. Lena meanwhile has had a complete transformation. Their relationship is out of balance.

Contrast him with Julian. Julian gives up everything for Lena. Julian gives her his soul: all his secrets, all his pain. We (and Lena) are allowed to know Julian in a way we are never allowed to know Alex. It’s no coincidence that Lena notes how much more comfortable she is around Julian than Alex.

Like Alex had been with Lena, Lena is reluctant at first to share her true self with Julian, the difference here is that Lena never approached Julian with the intention of having a relationship with him. In fact in the beginning, neither Julian nor Lena wants, or expects a relationship with the other. Lena may use the same lies that Alex used (“I’m cured” and “I’m safe”), but she was never trying to trap Julian with these lies. On the other hand, Alex did set out from the beginning to make Lena his girlfriend by building their relationship with lies. Alex’s intentions aren’t evil, but that’s still no way to intentionally start a relationship.

Lena can’t help revealing herself to Julian. Slowly at first, reluctantly. This is another example of how comfortable she is with him as a person. Although by the end of Pandemonium there are still things she hasn’t told him, but they’d only known each other for only a couple of weeks at most. They just need more time. Remember Alex had months to tell her things which he never did. It takes mere days for Lena to know more about Julian than she learned about Alex in two months or more.

Julian, unlike Alex, is flawed; he’s a real person. He has real struggles; he’s conflicted. We don’t quite know what decision he’s going to make. But we are allowed to watch him grow and change. And change he does, exponentially! And Lena grows too. Between Julian and Raven she is forced to grow and change in Pandemonium. Julian’s changes in this book in many ways mirror Lena’s from the first book. He must struggle with his past pain to come to see that indifference isn’t life, and the opportunity to love and lose is better than oblivion. They truly are soul mates!

And then you get to Requiem … Alex shows just how childish and mean-spirited he can be. He ignores Lena and refuses to talk or even look at her at all. And he pouts for half of the book. I know he’s been through a lot, but that doesn’t give him the right to behave like a jerk. Meanwhile, as Lena herself notes, Julian “is giving me time. He is patient, and gentle.” It’s clear who is the real man here.

I know who I’d chose.

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